Uruguayan Jungle Book. Cuentos de la selva uruguaya


[Español abajo]

Horacio Quiroga was a writer from Uruguay who lived through many tragedies in his personal life and spent much time in Buenos Aires. He wrote this collection of short stories for his kids in 1919.

Animals have been a useful vehicle for teaching values of life to children in their bedtime stories since time immemorial. Disney’s Jungle Book and Aesop’s fables spring to mind as classics of this literary tool and more recent examples popular with my nieces and nephews include Peppa Pig and Zootropolis. Quiroga’s collection of stories aim to demonstrate humanity’s relationship with nature. All the stories include humans in one way or another and the trope of anthropomorphised animals is also used. However, I would proceed with caution with these stories as they are not as soft and family friendly as Disney and Pixar movies. I will just mention a selection below here.


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